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DateMonday, February 23, 2009   Comment

So yeah, dreams are important. And I think there are more dreamers today than ever before in the history of anything... but... they're so afraid, so many of them. Afraid to lose all their 'manageable misery.' It's all just so... so... pathetic. Pathetic... and selfish. Are you seriously telling me... that you would deny the world an exquisite painting just because the cardboard firm from down the street is hiring? That you'd stay out of politics because your mates would think you a twat? That the greatest secrets of quantum physics would go forever unearthed... because Dad thinks girls are fit only for babymaking? Does that really sound good enough for you? Really? Maddening! And don't you dare tell me I'm unrealistic. I know a body's chance of sinking their claws into a dream are fairly grim. But... not to try? To settle into the gray doldrums with nary a peep?
(Serenity Rose)
quote ini adalah quote lengkap dari potongan yang aku tulis di bagian atas blogku. aku tertegun cukup lama waktu membacanya. kayaknya harus buru-buru nyari komiknya, deh.


Anonymous Anonymous at 11:35 PM, February 25, 2009 said:


Blogger yadikiswoyo at 4:56 AM, March 20, 2009 said:

i have a dream so...

help me..

Blogger Ello Aris at 12:47 PM, March 30, 2009 said:

wah blognya keren gila... aku juga lg belajar ngeblog. kunjungi balik ya?

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