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DateWednesday, June 25, 2014   Comment

Anazkia left her home just an hour after sunrise that Saturday morning, 14 June 2014. She had to catch the 6 a.m bus from her hometown in Serang, Banten. It took her about 3.5 hours to go to Jakarta. She had to be on time for a Webmaker Workshop, part of #MozBelajar series, that would start at 10 a.m in Gallery Qwords, in Kuningan area, Jakarta.

In her blogpost, Anazkia said that she wanted to learn and to know more about creating a web. As a blogger, she said, she didn't know enough.

She was one of more than twenty participants who enthusiastically registered for and attended the workshop that day. I'm touched because she was willing to spend so much time and effort to join the program. It was the first of #MozBelajar (belajar means to study) series, and the Eventbrite registration filled up quickly and was fully booked in less than 24 hours since its announcement.

I opened the workshop by asking the participants to share their hopes and expectations related to this program in post-notes. We stuck the notes to a tree I had drawn on a large sheet of paper, and from there, we made our "Tree of Hope" for this workshop. I learned that this inventory of expectations is important to get the participants focused on the things we are going to deliver in the program. If an
expectation exceeds the program plan, then I will set it aside for the time being and say that I will consider this expectation (such as: able to create a Forefox OS based applications) as a request to be
fulfilled in another, or a future, session.

After a short presentation about Mozilla Community and Mozilla projects, Fauzan and Rizky shared some Thimble, X-Ray Goggles and Popcorn basics, as the three important tools in creating “makes” with Webmaker. This session lasted until 12 o'clock in the afternoon, before participants could begin to try and use each tool by themselves.

When I planned this workshop, together with Rara and Fauzan, I decided that the whole workshop would feature one of most famous and versatile Indonesian food types—Soto, as a theme. Soto is a traditional soup, mainly composed of broth, meat and vegetables. The variations in Soto recipes are almost unlimited. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own version, with different kind of veggies, meat, condiments and even broth. Some use chicken, others use beef or buffalo meat. While a version of Soto may use coconut milk in its broth, another version can put ground peanuts in theirs. The chicken Soto in my hometown, for example, use only free-range chicken, with locally-sourced special thick soy sauce as part of its flavouring, and use deep-fried peanuts as well as home-made potato chips as condiments.

Soon after our Timbel (read it like Thimble) Rice, the next session began with Spectrogram on Soto. The participants decided their positions based on several statements/sentences related to Soto. It was a fun and funny session. Some participants had really strong arguments about the different aspects of Soto. But the most important thing was, once this spectrogram ended, they started to really really think about Soto.

Since morning, all participants had chosen to sit with their friends. So, we changed that arrangement when we asked them to started working together in small groups. We asked them to brainstorm about Soto, especially the one they intended to “make”. They were given 15 minutes to decide, before presenting results of their group discussion. All of these competing groups poured out their ideas to create the most attractive and unique food ever! During presentation, every group appeared to be very-very persuasive and proud with their ideas, with a tad of humour, of course!


The small group discussion continued with a two-hour session where participants tried to create “makes” together with their groups. We asked each group to create three “makes”, one using Thimble, the other two using X-Ray Goggles and Popcorn. We also asked them to create those “makes” based on the Soto they had chosen.

These are the “makes” they created in 2 hours:
Group 01:
X-Ray Google:

Group 02:
X-Ray Google:

Group 03:
X-Ray Google:

Group 04:
X-Ray Google:

Group 05:
X-Ray Google:

By the time they presented their works to everyone, we asked all participants and fellow Reps to vote for the most creative and most interesting “makes”. Group 03 became everyone's favourite. They clearly deserved to receive swag as a token of appreciation.

I would like to end this post by showing my deepest gratitude to my mentor Irayani Queencyputri, and Rendy Maulana, the owner of QWords who generously provided high-speed internet connection and lent a room in his office for us to use. Also, big thanks to fellow reps: Fauzan Alfi, Shinta Setiawan, Yofie Setiawan (nope, these two are not related) and one of the FSAs in Jakarta: Rizky Ariestyansyah. I wouldn't be able to host the event without your help, good people!


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