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DateThursday, July 06, 2006   Comment

dear Cristiano Ronaldo,

I'm so sorry to know that you and your team will not be playing in the World Cup 2006 final match. I know how hard you work for the Cup and how long Portugal has been waiting. You must be very disappointed. I can see that in your face early this morning. Are you still crying?
Some may say that heroes shed no tears, but it's alright to crying now, you can wipe the tears tomorrow, and start a new beginning. Another chapter for a four year away final match.

And if you want to a find a peace of mind and rest your body for several days, you can always come to me. Come to Ubud. I'll lend my shoulder for you to cry on. I can arrange for you to stay in a beautiful villa with stunning view overlooking a river valley, in my office. Pamper yourself with an aromatic massage treatment with natural herbs and spices of your choice.
But if you don't want to stay in my office, I can always offer you my house. I'll be more than happy to host you.

We can talk all-sleepless-night-long. Or have a long walk under the blinking stars after a romantic candle-lit dinner. Do you want me to cook Bacalhau a Braz?

Just let me know, Cristiano.
And I'll see you soon.

with love,
Dian Ina


Anonymous Anonymous at 7:22 PM, July 06, 2006 said:

That's what we call the cruelty and the beautiful of Football.

Anonymous Anonymous at 1:34 AM, July 07, 2006 said:

ina, ini cara gebet paling keren yang aku tau =)). Termasuk kategori brondong gak yah si cristiano tuh? Hahaha *summon bunda*

Blogger Dian Ina at 12:23 PM, July 07, 2006 said:

*wink-wink dudi*
no worries, cristiano. you're still the one

Anonymous Anonymous at 12:42 PM, July 07, 2006 said:

Actually, we have a nice place for expressing anger, desperate cries, howls, etc.

Just visit the Resort at Tanggayuda, you'll find the place next to the main pool.

It's rather secluded and gloomy there, no need to be afraid of privacy violation, paparazzi, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Just take a short break in this summer, and feel the pleasure of sorrows. For just a few bucks.

Anonymous Anonymous at 2:23 AM, July 10, 2006 said:

oh, begitu cepatnya daku dilupakan.

Blogger Dian Ina at 10:01 AM, July 10, 2006 said:

salah sendiri ninggalin aku ke quebec sebulan

Anonymous Anonymous at 5:07 PM, July 10, 2006 said:

Blogger Dian Ina at 10:36 AM, July 11, 2006 said:

yang sebel sama cristiano ronaldo nggak terima.

Anonymous Anonymous at 12:55 PM, July 11, 2006 said:

kok aku bacanya kayak penawaran jasa komaneka yah?
ini flirting sekaligus marketing ya?
*kabur ke quebec*

Blogger Dian Ina at 3:34 PM, July 11, 2006 said:

*tarik pika sebelum kabur*
jangan ke quebec. kamu ke gurun gobi aja yah?!

Blogger A L T H E A at 4:48 PM, July 16, 2006 said:

uhmm very romantic letter ey
impresssssssssion :)

Blogger Archie Romadhoni at 2:34 PM, July 18, 2006 said:

Halah kagak bakalan orangnya lihat blog situ.
*kabur pake jet Harier*

Blogger Dian Ina at 2:57 PM, July 20, 2006 said:

*tendang-tendang doni*
bisa aja cristiano dikasih tau sama agen-nya.

*penuh percaya diri*

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