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DateWednesday, August 23, 2006   Comment

I listen to this song on the way to the Airport with Ido and Oscar. it was 5 am and I'm sooo... sleeepy I couldn't lift my eyelids. but then the song is started and I got sober immediately after the intro.

"Good evening. This is the intergalactic operator. Can I help you?"
"Yes. I'm trying to reach flight commander P.R. Johnson, on Mars, flight 2-4-7"
"Very well, hold on please [beeping] you're through!"
"Thank you operator!"

Hi darlin' ! How are you doing ?
Hey baby, where're your sleeping ?
Oh I'm sorry, but I've been really missing you !

Hi darlin' ! How's the weather?
Say baby, is that cold better now ?
Oh I'm sorry, is there someone there with you??

Ooooh...since you went away, there's nothing goin' right !
I just can't sleep alone at night... I'm not ashamed to say
I badly need a friend...or it's the end.

Now, when I look at the cloud's across the moon.
Here in the night I just hope and pray that soon.
Oh baby, you'll hurry home to me.

Hi darlin', the kids say they love you.
Hey baby, is everything fine with you?
Please forgive me, but I'm trying not to cry...

Ooooh...I've had a million different lovers on the phone.
But I just stayed right here at home.
I don't think that I can take it anymore this crazy war.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but we are
experiencing violent storm conditions in the asteriod belt at this
time. We may lose this valuable deep space communication link.
Please, be as brief as possible.
Thank you."

or it's...or it's..."Hello?" "Hello operator?"
" Yes, we've lost the connection! Could you try again please?"
-"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we've lost contact with Mars 2-4-7
at this time."

"Ok. Thank you very much...
I'll...I'll try again next year..."

Yes, it's RAH Band, Clouds Across the Moon. The lyric is so fun, I didn't recognize that it was made in 1985, despite the old sound effect they use. I posted it on my beloved Kampung Gajah, hoping that one of the member have the song and willing to give it to me. and I got it!!!
thanks banget yah, Tukang Kiridit!


Blogger tomblos at 2:59 PM, August 23, 2006 said:

itu khan lagu disco jadul yang selalu eke perdendangkan di playlist kamtor! hore!

Anonymous Anonymous at 4:35 PM, August 23, 2006 said:

That is impossible, even in the latest version of Photoshop.

Anonymous Anonymous at 4:29 AM, November 26, 2006 said:

I used to listen to this anonymous to me song thousand times 20 yeahs ago. then i lost a tape with the song and only tonight all of a sudden a line from the song came to my mind and i browsed in google a bit and got to your page. here i knew who did the song and its name.
thanx :)

Blogger Dian Ina at 12:35 PM, December 06, 2006 said:

thanks, andrey!
I'm glad you finally found your once lost song:D

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