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DateThursday, August 24, 2006   Comment

"are you superstitious?"
of all questions, that's what he asked me once he got on my bike. I take some moment weighed the question before decided to answer "I never think about that".

I met Nick Hogan, twenty-something-year-old-man with sharp eyes and curly hair from Singapore, at the book launching two weeks ago. he and his dad stopped by to my office when I went to Bandung, and I thought that we won't meet again. but he popped in to the gallery when I was there to send a fax and answering two urgent emails on my day off. he said that he wanted to say goodbye before leaving tomorrow. and I said that he was lucky, because I'm about to leave when he walked in.

after we settled ourselves in a warung for lunch, he told me about a numerologist he went to before he came to Bali. he said that this numerologist asked him not to wear certain colors, to write his name 77 times every morning and other things. believe it or not, after he did that, more and more positive things happen. meeting me is one of it, he said. I smiled. he didn't add the fact that I make him losing his hat.
*feel guilty*

Nick plays guitar and plan to pursue a career as musician, after dropping off computer game somewhere. I found talking to him is so easy and fun. I'm sure it's because he come to the Ministry of Sound frequently. his family been traveling to Bali for long time and I think they always stay in the same place. a small guest house in Nyuh Kuning where I took him after lunch. his room in the second floor is overlooking the field. from the facade, I saw a man picking Bunga Pacah with a basket in his hands. birds chirping in a nearby tree, the wind blowing softly. such a calming scene.

he played a sweet song for me the that noon. sweet enough to make me smile while seeing his fingers dancing on the finger board and strings. whether that song bring me a good luck or not, I don't know. all I know is the coincidence unexpectedly continued. soon after the song finished, Ivo called me to say that he's in Ubud! yay! and I can meet him at Monkey Forest. yay again! I'm so happy because earlier that day, I thought that I won't be able to meet him until the day after. and that I will have to go down all the way to Kuta. but now he's here. he's here!

and when I talked to Ivo under a Banyan Tree, it was Anand, one of my friend in Jakarta, walking toward my directions. turned out that Ivo and Anand working in the same place, and they're in the same group that visiting Ubud after shopping in Sukawati. aha!
oooh, so many surprises packed in one day! more than enough to make me smile for the rest of the week. this is my independence day gift!

--I made this post in English so that Nick will understand


Anonymous Anonymous at 11:58 AM, August 24, 2006 said:

This numerology thing would be interesting.. have to google it now.

Blogger onanymous at 6:17 PM, August 24, 2006 said:

adeknya hulk hogan pasti!

Anonymous Anonymous at 1:34 AM, September 04, 2006 said:

Just wondering, why 77 times? I did similar things. Like... Wrote my name everytimes menulis komen.. ihik (suse pake bahasa inggris ternyata..)

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