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DateSunday, September 17, 2006   Comment

I often find myself getting this odd syndrome in the middle of a work day. I get distracted very easily, so difficult to pay attention or being focus on something in particular, and the worst is staring at my computer, planning to write an article or release, or email, or something like that, but end up loosing my words and uselessly chasing my vanished sentences. what a stressful condition.

I did a small investigation only to find that my special syndrome happens when I'm hungry. if I forget to have breakfast and too busy receiving guests after phone calls so that lunch almost skipped, the syndrome escalated even more. recently I stop visiting id kuliner because those cursed members of this damned mailing list are addicted to send pictures of mouth-watering delicious food. huh!

but if you see me when my belly full, you'll meet the most creative, smart girl with high dose of common sense ever! feel free to compare to the other girls in my office. during an emotionally tiring plus overtime assignment few days ago, I mentioned this syndrome to my dependable IT-man partner -Indra, when we're stuck and run out of ideas.
I said "I promise. I'll be smarter after dinner"

right after, Indra calls me SAM. smart after meal.
but now I'm hungry. I have to stop writing.
Oh, I'm craving for Oxtail Soup!


Blogger amen at 12:28 AM, September 18, 2006 said:

hi sam

Anonymous Anonymous at 1:59 AM, September 19, 2006 said:

Once upon a time when there was a sudden mission that has to be completed in a short time. Everybody in the team were so nervous and confused, all ideas weren't fit with the mission. In an anxious silence, there was a whining voice, "I'm starving..". Then everybody ordered chicken fried rice on a popodum plating.

And the rest is history..


Even if the mission was not successful, I would still called you Miss SAM™, Sleep After Meal.


Anonymous Anonymous at 11:06 PM, September 21, 2006 said:

Just surfing in and stopping by.
Nice blog, anyway. :)

Anonymous Anonymous at 1:18 PM, September 24, 2006 said:

In different case, you can also calls me SAM.. Sleepy after meal

Anonymous Anonymous at 1:26 PM, September 24, 2006 said:

Pantes aja.. kita sempat 'jaka sembung bawa golok' sewaktu bikin janji ketemuan.. belum makan tooh...

Anonymous Anonymous at 10:08 AM, October 06, 2006 said:

sam who?™

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