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DateMonday, December 12, 2005   Comment

you may never read this. and we may never see each other again. not after what had happened. but still, I feel an urgency to speak up.

yes, I don't feel comfortable to know that she doesn't know that I was in the town. it made me feel uneasy and awkward as she's also keeping in touch with me. both of you, more than any other business partner that I have, are having better appreciation of what I'm doing. I never have a glimpse of thought that something like this may occured. it is an honor to have this opportunity. and whatever I say can never enough to express my gratitude for your generosity. and beacuse of that, I prefer to limit this relationship in professional context, for the sake of fine arts.

I've told you that I'm dating out someone seriously. and the last thing that I would do is hurting him and make him disappointed, even if he never find it out. I always respect you and I hope that you will understand and respect me too.