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DateFriday, April 15, 2011   Comment

checked my blog two days ago and I still find people from all over said that they got 'lost' all over the internet and somehow made their way into my writings. I actually surprised that all the mundane things in my life are, for whatever reason, mean something for others.

I'll start writing again, folks.
I need to. immediately. I am in desperate need to get lots of funny thoughts about this world I live in, strange incidents and other rants out of my system. made their way out of my world and into yours.

I'll try to set a deadline and keep up with it. and really do it. I need a purpose now. seriously. in the mean time... I'll see you soon, then.


Blogger haridiva at 11:44 PM, April 15, 2011 said:

So, what would be the next issue? :D.

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