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DateThursday, August 30, 2007   Comment

And when the rose is gone, the garden faded,
you will no longer hear the nightingale.

The lover is a veil, All is Beloved,
Beloved lives, the lover is a corpse.

When Love no longer has a care for him
he's like a wingless bird - alas for him!

How can I understand the things around me
when my companion's light is not around me?

But Love demands that these words shall be spoken;
how can a mirror be without reflection?

--The Song of The Reed,
dari Masnavi. The Spiritual Verses--

untuk kalian yang mendukung dan membesarkan hatiku sampai saat-saat ketika larik-larik itu selesai dituliskan. mungkin aku nggak way beyond classification, not that talented, and can not make lovely lines, but I guess I've declared it clear enough.

and to have you all meant so much for me. thank you very big yaa!