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DateFriday, September 23, 2005   Comment

this morning, I recall one of the nightmares I had during my early days in komaneka. it was when I found out that all of the staffs at komaneka already knew who I am, and I don't even remember their names! even worse, I was the manager on duty during Nyepi Day and there were twenty staffs under my supervision and only six or seven of them who I had known exactly their names, faces and positions. I had to peep into the scrambled list that I make and sneaking around them during work shifts so that I can look at the name on their uniform while make sure that they didn't know it.

now that those times are passed, I have another list to put on my head. it was the list of the suppliers, carpenters, mechanics, and all of those support groups I'm working's the list will looks like now...

pak darta; developer
pak ngajiman; pool expert
agung dewata; pest control
bu eva; material controller (ordinary face)
bu eva; abn amro bank (very pretty)
wayan; florist
pak sukir; marble man
pak heri; wood finishing
pak yudi; goods supplies
pak datuk; goldfish and garden expert
victor; frames
bu eka; shipping (by air)
pak eka; shipping (by land)
bu lestari; ups
gung aji; immediate driver
mok tut slow; uniform tailor
mok tut andong; households tailor
bu tini; pearl jewels
bu ambar; half-printing batiks
pak ardi; hand made batiks
bu asih; printing
pande; custom made items
tari; bedding and nomade supplies

and the list surely will continue...


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