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DateSunday, January 23, 2005   Comment

my new theory on love

basically, every human being is born with the ability to forgive, forget and continuing their life. these great and amazing abilities sometimes we don't even realize.
thus, (is it already sound like a new theory?) these kinds of broken heart, knife-cut-deeply feeling of longing, hurting of you-don't-know-that-I'm-exist, or that 'being alone in the whole universe' are created.

believe me. I know.
so, when someone sent me an SMS, told me that he was trying so hard to forget yesterdays (means: everything connected to his 1.5 years just-broke-up relationship). I simply said that he got the ability to live his life again the way he live previously (before he met the girl)

and when my partner said that the text I’ve written for valentine was so romantic. he even said ‘feels like falling in love for the first time’ suddenly I know something I never known before, literally. no matter how many times you fall in love, or even when you fall in love to the same person more than once, you won’t have exactly the same feeling. it will always different. that’s why you have particular feeling to someone and never mixed it up with someone else.
do I write another new theory here?