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DateFriday, December 10, 2004   Comment

one cloudy morning, almost nine years ago. I was sitting, shivering in my chair with a fresh newspaper in my lap. I couldn't believe what I was just read. completely shocking in body and soul. in the headline, the newspaper describe about huge riot in sambas, that turn into perfect two years long amok in almost every region in west kalimantan.

I recall another day...couple years later, one of my junior high mate write to us in mailing list about his night sweeping to maduranese -refugees of sambas conflict in gor pangsuma. about how he and his friends attacked them, how many people get wounded and so on...
I got very angry in the first place I read the email. how dare he! it's human being he talked about. the same creature as he is. I frankly told him about how upset I am reading his email. remember that I had some madurese friends in pontianak, as well as dayak, chinese, javanese, malay, or any other races... I simply couldn't get how people happen to kill other in the name of natural-historical differences any of us have no power to choose.

living in bali, now... some friends seriously remind me about how sensitive bali these days to urban like me. the way kurnia warn me... and how sad suklu admitted the fact. it was all happen because some mad-maniac-moron man blew sari and paddy back to october 2002.all of a sudden... nobody comes to bali. travel warn killed many business. people loud as they can. but only scream remain...

and those kindheartedly people are forced to being cruel. to do late night sweeping for ids...and suddenly... pecalang became something frightening instead of it's previous image -someone who politely remind you that a religious ceremony take place nearby. and as I feel the tension and the suspicion in the village where lots of people still couldn't handle the cultural gap of modernity... I feel sorry for them.

and I blame this world for making a good mad
it's this world that turns a killer (named bush) into a hero
I blame this world for making good man bad
--taken from bon jovi's santa fe--


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