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DateThursday, December 30, 2004   Comment

...Three days after huge catastrophe in Aceh, I received an email from Phoebe Wong, a friend I've met early this year, during an art manager workshop in Jogja. This is what she said;

dear Ronald, Ratna, Ina, Angki, Wimo, Angga, Sujud, Anto and friends ....

I have no words to express myself by hearing the cataclysmic disasters happening in Indonesia
and those countries surrounded the Indian Ocean...
It is so chilling to watch/read the updated news
(local media attention has been pretty weighted on Thailand as it is a hot tourist spot for Hong Kong people
and there were a couple hundred of them reported missing)....

Yet, out of such misfortune, a widespread humanitarian relief efforts has been prompted.

Here, I hope everything are fine with you and your family.

(researcher, asia art archive)

Thank you for your sincere attention, Phoebe.
I'm one of the fortuner, living in health and peace in the heart of Ubud