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DateMonday, March 28, 2005   Comment

pain comes, and I get hurt. no preparations, no signs, no umbrella before the rain falls...
if crying not help, or if you just couldn't cry for such a jerk, here's some tips.

1st, cakes and cool drinks.
I suggest poppy seed cheese cake or chocolate mud cake. death by chocolate [it's a name of a cake] is also philosophically and medically good. organic and tonic drinks are the best.

2nd, talk.
you need to release it. don't let it spinning in your head and heart. write it out will be helpful as long as you send it to the right person.

3rd, padang food.
rendang is perfect painkiller and you can get addicted easily by ayam gulai. and ikan sambal. enjoy the state of delirium.

4th, bad words.
do not hesitate to call him jerk. or bajingan in this case. practice made perfect. spell it more often.

last but not least, get tired.
work some more, physical and creative activities, anything to get rid those memories out of your head.
whatta bastard! I still got insomnia for three days!

thanks for the emails, sms, phone calls and chats, pals!... through the good and the bad times, you're always be there...
my lovely friend


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