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DateMonday, March 07, 2005   Comment

aku gak menyelesaikan email ini. harusnya kuselesaikan, tapi waktu itu jariku terlalu gemetar untuk meneruskan menulis.
anto, kamu bisa membacanya disini...

on my way down here to send you this file...
I saw hundreds of Balinese flooding trough the street from a road nearby.
I think there will be a ceremony held inside the Monkey Forest as they ahead there.

I do wondering...
what it feels to be exotic?
to be walking in the streets and bunch of tourists watching you and take your pictures. to realize that people all over the world coming to see the way you live your life? like changing the doors and the walls of our house with clear glass.
"please come in, I already made my house an aquarium. see-through enough for you to look at..."

but I am also frightening...
they're so much and filling both sides of the street. don't even mind to emptying part of it so that the bikes and the cars able to passes by. my bike and I and tens of others' and cars and the passengers must be sliding very slowly behind them.
the crowd give meaningful superior look. and again, they're so much...

today, I need more than 15 minutes to complete my usual 5 minutes journey.