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DateFriday, January 06, 2006   Comment

I met him on New Year's Eve. He was the most handsome man in the dinner. With black hair and tan skin. Tall and athletic, he was Apollo came alive. A sharp look from his brown hawk eyes will make you melted away. A wink from him can make a girl blushing. He was a man who realizes that he's handsome. However, he uses his charm in adequate dose.
My first impression of him is that he was using bold statement to get what he wanted " I like all of the arts I see in Komaneka. But I don't like the painting in my room" with that kind of statement, all I have to do was offer him to change the painting in his room as soon as possible. "In Komaneka, everything is possible" I heard him saying that to his partner over a plate of grilled shrimp. "You are the best" was what he said after I told him that I'll get someone to do the change early in the morning.
After that night, we were talking about many things. His interest in the art world, because "the most important thing in this world is creation" kind of painting that he like, Indonesian furniture and antique, his house in Paris, and his dream.
" I want to have a place where I can give education for the people who need it. It will be a place to train people, to improve their skill and ability. And with those abilities, we can make earth-friendly product. It will become a product with respect to people who make it, who use it and to the earth. And we will distribute the product in a respectful way."
There were two things he said that I remember the most. The second one was "I feel blessed to be here. I was blessed all my life. I have food and education; I can do everything I wanted. I have a good life and I want to share it with others. I want to do something for the people in the world".
The first will be this "You're invited to Paris. Would you like to come?"


Blogger ivo at 3:27 PM, January 06, 2006 said:

udeh dateng aje ke sono.
good opportunity tidak mengetuk pintumu tiap hari.

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