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DateSunday, January 15, 2006   Comment

unfortunately, this is a true story

she was a japanese pianist and he was a belgian nomad and they had been traveled together for a month. it was in the middle of a hustle tattoo convention somewhere in the heart of england that the girl got very sick somehow. he took her to the hospital, and the doctor congratulates him. the girl was pregnant and eventually, will deliver the baby very soon. they need his approval for a caesar operation because the baby had just been in her womb for six months only. he was so confused. too confused to think clearly. he just wanted to save the baby's life.
to make all things run smoothly, he decided to make a certificate of marriage that officially stated them as husband and wife. that way, she will be able to use his health insurance to pay the operation and all hospital bills.
it was a baby boy and he fall in love to him the very moment he saw him. he named him 'a man with heart as big as a planet'. although the boy is not his son. she got pregnant after a short relationship with an indonesian (married) man. she never told that man about the boy. the last time she came to him, was when she found the man with his pregnant wife. that was how things started to went wrong between the pianist and the nomad. their relationship consists of hatred, quarrels and argument. there was no single day without fighting when they see each other's face.
then he met an indonesian visual merchandiser. he told her his story. she told him hers. they fall in love to each other although they know that their relationship is impossible. their love is a beautiful and romantic yet complicated story. she could never have him, he could never let her go. they just can never be together. there's a boy, with a heart as big as a planet to raise. and he will never take the boy away from his mother.

who's wrong? who's fault?
I can never tell. when they told me their story, I shed my tears.
God I wish... a happy simple life. a happy simple life.


Anonymous Anonymous at 6:25 PM, January 18, 2006 said:

yoi yoi...
komentar dulu ah!

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