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DateWednesday, January 04, 2006   Comment

and the story continued like this...

08.30 PM
went to tiing gading and found waldo in the restaurant

I : waldo!
W: ina! i tried to call you earlier but they said that you're out
I : yeah, I have a meeting with a man from French. I had just finished.
I : will courtney be back to ubud?
W: he might. he went to padang bai and I don't know whether he will be back
I : or going straight to kuta
W:because his credit card is...
I : lost! yeah, I know. I thought because his credit card is lost, he won't be going anywhere.
W: well, he couldn't afford to stay here in ubud without his credit card.
I : do you know where he will be staying in kuta?
W: I don't know
I : do you know where he stay in padang bai?
W: I don't know
I : (sigh) let me sit first...
I : I need to find him...I tried to call several times today. but no luck. nobody pick it up...they said that he was out. and he was stopping by to my gallery.
W: yes, he was. but you were not there
I : I was in tanggayuda, the other komaneka. I had to meet some guests there. when courtney came, my staff tried to find me, but because I was with a guest, they couldn't put me through the telephone. and nobody in tanggayuda told me about the call. I found his note in my desk, I called here again, and he was left.
W: I might know the transport person that take him there. maybe he used that transport man. I have the card. he said that they will help him find a place for 50.000 a night.
I : ok, I will try to call the transport person tomorrow.
W: he will be in touch with atsushi and try to find atsushi when he come to kuta.
I : atsushi said he didn't have any appointment with courtney
W: how do you know?
I: I talked to atsushi early in the evening through wine's phone. she was with him.
W: let's go upstairs

(I followed waldo to his room.)

I : I've sent an email to courtney. but I'm not sure that he will find an internet connection in padang bai.
W: he'll find it in kuta for sure.

(I was sitting in the chair in front of his room.)

W: the only reason I take you here is because, looks like you're about to cry. I don't want you to cry in front of other people.
I : hehehe... I'm not going to cry
W: well, it's look like you're going to cry

(waldo went inside his room and said)

W: I'm listening

(but I didn't say anything. waldo came with a cup in his hand and made me a tea)

W: sugar?
I : yes, please
W: one or two?
I : just one. thanks.
W: arak?
I : ahaha... no, thanks!

(I sipped the tea. It felt warm and made me relax.)

I : I need to find courtney. even if I have to go to kuta.
W: do you like courtney so much?
I : no! it's not about that I like courtney or not. it's about the photos. I have to transfer the pictures from him. I promised bonnie to give her those pictures.
W: I don't have those pictures too. He'll uploaded them in the internet as soon as he can. And if you send him an email, he will send you an invitation to see those pictures. there's nothing to worry.

waldo gave me his big-big smile and I'm speechless. why didn't I think about it? oh... me and my stupidity. how can I forget that I'm living in an era when a thing called internet is exist? well then, court! enjoy your holiday in padang bai and I'll see you in the cyber world.