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DateSaturday, May 27, 2006   Comment

I just met the most attractive black male in my life. three days ago, when I was walking through Bali Purnati's lawn, I saw a black male, and an asian female walking across to another direction. I couldn't help myself but look at his back. it's just a bare-back of a black male. but the way his bones supported his body, the way muscles, joints and flesh working together in a dynamic motion attracted me somehow. I was startled, mesmerized for a few seconds.

Dean is a New York-based performer, working for an organisation called The Kitchen. if you meet him in person, I'm sure you wouldn't missed him. he doesn't have to do anything to get your attention. in his forties, he looks far more younger from the back:D


Blogger M Fahmi Aulia at 6:08 PM, May 27, 2006 said:

ya saya?
oh...bukan Natural Born Junker ya?
maaf...numpang lewat..:p

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