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DateMonday, February 21, 2005   Comment

scientists are able to create real diamonds!
thanks to new technologies, man-made versions of this precious gems are now indistinguishable from the real thing. the cultured diamonds even passes the four factors used to judge the diamonds; cut, clarity, carat and color tests. its also passes the diamondsure (which checks the nitrogen content) and the diamondview (checking the diamond's growth structure) tests. it happened because the cultured diamonds are made in a dishwasher-size chamber that worked the way the mother earth process did, in pressure of 60.000 to 100.000 atmospheres and fifty years culmination of hardwork.
but if you checked it out on a machine that cost $100.000, to find out the diamonds wavelength... the cultured one length is 737 nanometers while the real ones are 741 nanometers. but it's in nanometers! please...

what will happen to the $60 billions (I couldn't even decide how many zero to put in this billion) jewelry industry?
dunno yet...but I think it will be good for other lots of people, not including de beers family, who had been rich because of diamond business since 1888! wondering...whether there'll be chinese-diamond for the cultured one?
just too early to say as the news said that those cultured diamonds will be flooding into the market in the next six months.

and what about the price?
the cultured will give you seventy-five percent cut off from the real ones...
sounds delight, eh?

I will consider to buy a bright yellow solitaire diamond tied in white gold ring...