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DateSunday, February 20, 2005   Comment

yesterday was supposed to be my day off.
so I spent the precious morning with an after sleep (the idea came from after party:) and watching DVD. it was juliette binoche's blue. and sms-an (of course)- have no idea to say that in english...

then kaoru sms me, asking few things about the text we've working on. then we decided to meet in a cozy place near to mine that one day we had planned to come to. I suggest a lunch, but she asked for brunch. and I agreed.

our table was next to the window. she had hot cappuccino and nacho while mine were iced chamomile tea and a fusion tuna sandwich (with slices of grapes, whole wheat bread and sweet potato chips). we discussed the text briefly and reach a mutual understanding. afterwards, kaoru pushed out four name cards. given short description of every person which the name was written... then told me the whole long story of how she met those four person and why.
her story surprised me first, then I got startled, then stunned.
then we started to make phone calls all the way around after decided to meet those four men once more. in person.
and so the adventure began...

we visited a place called ‘the dusun’ in seminyak, which is near to Ku de Ta. the place is nice and quiet, a bit sterile and need more trees and bushes. but it also seemed expensive and private like ‘no trespassing please. keep out’. we get in though, in a convenient three bedroom villa and spend almost one and a half our in conversation which was very good and promising.

soon after, we raced back to ubud for another appointment.
instead of bath that I desperately need for the black dust all over my face, I only have time for quick shower and changing. then marched to ‘the terazo’ for dinner and interview with journalists from the asahi shimbun. I ate my red-chili-chicken very slow because they keep asking me questions. some of which are too good and very hard to answer. all the questions are connected with my job. thing that I supposed to avoid in my day off. but I couldn’t. it was almost ten when I finally got home.
so it was a day off but not off at all.

before I wave goodbye, there are two news worth to tell;
first, a beautiful flower is about to bloom in the garden. right now it’s still red… but soon, it will turn purplish blue in the center. it will be red-red-purplish-blue flower.
second, these days are harvesting time in the paddy field around Komaneka. and its awesome!