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DateMonday, May 02, 2005   Comment

bu mansri came up with the idea to create a small cooking class. I'm the one who give the idea a shape and details. the management love it... and here we (the chef, the cook and me) are now... with some secret recipes book designed by indra.
I give you brief look of one of the recipe...



300 g Tuna
50 g Basil
40 g Parsley
15 g Sesame seed
5 g Black pepper
5 g Salt
30 g Lemon
10 ml Worchestershire sauce
50 ml Sweet soy
200 g Focacia bread


1. Combine salt, pepper, lemon juice and Worchestershire sauce. Add the tuna and leave to marinate.
2. Chop basil finely. Mix with parsley and sesame seed.
3. Coat tuna with the herbs and then grill. Make sure the heat doesn’t go through tuna and the flesh looks reddish pink.
4. Cut tuna into paper-thin slices.
5. Cut off the crusts, and then slice focacia bread into 3 cm squares and 1 cm thick. Grill afterwards.
6. Top focacia bread with tuna slice and small amount of sweet soy sauce.

the class is already started. feel free to join. you guys are more than welcome, as long as you stay with us