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DateTuesday, May 31, 2005   Comment

I have another photo-shooting session that sunday morning. a korean photographer for an agent called forever marine will do a session in tanggayuda. forever marine. sounds so coastal, eh?
well, but first I have to come down to the resort to check the daily neka museum tours. I found that no one will go to the museum this morning, but the painters group from san francisco will checking out soon.

so I set myself in the front office that sunny sunday morning, along with drivers, room-boys and concierges who will help those ladies to lift their luggage and wave them goodbye. they've been staying for ten days and the group and me had had acquainted quite well in the meantime. I feel that I must see them for the last time.

what a good day for a journey home!

when I handed the farewell mementoes which are small batik bag with a pandanus pouch inside, filled with bath salt, oil massage and a bar of natural soap, at first they think that I give it to bonnie for her birthday. but soon, I give it to all of them and they're fall in delight and grace. you may think that I was just being hyperbolic, but I didn't. some of them are seriously had glass of tear drops in their eyes out of thrill, though it hadn't falling yet.

so I wave, hugged and kissed those ladies gently on their cheek. bonnie who said that if I come to san francisco, she will pick me up in the airport, give me her spare room and show me around. sandy that will come back in 2007, leslie who will have a new haircut just like mine and already had some pictures of my hairstyle, susan who wept in her struggle to keep the tears from pouring down, terry who really made me almost fall in tears and couldn't do nothing but whisper as she sobbed, gwen and her big smile, charlotte and sherly... and ed! who can no longer smile and joked the way he usually did, and bob, who shared the same name with my beloved laptop. ibob... as indra would say.

see you again, ladies! and don't forget your passport!


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