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DateSaturday, May 21, 2005   Comment

having meals in the padang food at lunch time is a big mistake. they turned the TV on and it was crime scene TV show. and I never, never ever like that kind of show. the show was so stupid and and also because they air the show on 11.30 a.m in the jakarta time zone, which will be 12.30 p.m in ubud. a show that surely will make your appetite dissapear, exactly at lunchtime.

killings, robbery... and today even the best episode showed a girl who throw away her unwanted baby.
what a mess! last time I came down to this place at almost the same time, I hardly can eat because people on tv cursed the killer of their family and condemned him to death! somehow, there's a sick feeling coming from my lung and I couldn't help it! hey hey hey...! I'm having lunch here...

this time, I decided to speak out. I said to them...
'would you please change the channel? I'm afraid I won't be able to eat. there are too many dead people in the TV'