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DateThursday, May 19, 2005   Comment

staying in the room 202 for eleven days are mac mckinnon and jo mckinnon. mac was born in canada while jo was born in england. they currently lives in gold coast, beachy area full with drunken tourists in australia. I met them for the first time on last friday for a small but terrible accident. he was reading a book at the poolside when one of the pool umbrella tumbling down and hit mac's arm. he said he's okay, but his sunglasses broken.

I talked to him and got his sunglasses to be repaired in denpasar. I knew that he's a nice person on the first glance. I thought of the same thing about jo, who said thanks to me because I came down to her in the pool, something that I don't even expect before I met her as I thought that I will get a dose of complaints. after his sunglasses being repaired, I invite this couple to have light lunch with me in tanggayuda.

we went off and engaged in a fun conversation. somehow, they inherited european decency and asian sensitiveness. during the lunch, I found out that they've been in around asia for almost thirteen years. four years of them spent in iran. for almost two hours, we were chatted about nice breeze, sunny and snowy weather, politics, history, witty anecdotes, of australian, american, balinese and muslims. and while we're takling about iran, he slipped off a gold ring from his left little finger. jo put the ring in the table and said to me 'this made up from six rings. don't undo it'

I don't understand what she meant and don't really pay attention to what she said. I think I just touch the ring and try to lift it up and the set is yielded into six rings but still connected. I grew pale. mac and jo laughed... and as I tried to fix it which of course not succeeded, she tease me by saying 'do you feel bad now?'

oh...oh... I have to give up!
mac give me his hand and fix it up. at first he said he already forgot how to do that and said that the first time it yielded, he spent two weeks to fixed it up. I felt even worse. but he finished it in less than 5 minutes and I sigh with relieved. feel never been better...
so, anytime you met a bald and bearded man with complicated pattern gold ring on his left little finger... beware! it might be mac mckinnon. anything he said, don't undo the ring or you'll get into trouble!!!


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